Alderman Cappleman has worked tirelessly to bring all levels of the community together -- residents, business owners and the police -- to strategically address public safety in the ward, resulting in a steady reduction in crime since 2011.


    Alderman Cappleman believes that all workers deserve a shot at the middle class, which is why he voted to increase the minimum wage to $13 an hour and has gone a step further by advocating to raise it to $15.


    Since taking office, Alderman Cappleman has made it one of his top priorities to attract businesses to the 46th ward. Since 2011, dozens of small businesses have set up shop in the ward.


    Alderman Cappleman has worked with federal and state legislators to secure half a billion dollars for infrastructure improvement, including $203 million for the Wilson L, and uses Participatory Budgeting for implementation of other transit projects, such as protected bike lanes.


    Alderman Cappleman created a Zoning & Development Committee and has weekly open office hours for constituents.

Asking for your vote

  Friends, It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Alderman the last four years. When you elected me in 2011, I committed to you that I would represent you in a way that was fair and gave you a voice. I promised you I would focus on bringing economic development into …

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POLL: Alderman Cappleman Has Comfortable Lead

  An independent poll conducted by Ogden & Fry on behalf of Aldertrack went out to 433 likely voters on Friday, February 13th. The 1-question poll found that Alderman James Cappleman holds a comfortable lead over his challengers with 56.1% of the vote. This poll confirms what we already know: The 46th Ward is moving …

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Moving the 46th Ward Forward: A Clear Plan

When I was sworn into office in 2011, I knew that my first term as your Alderman could only be successful if I had a clear vision laid out to move the ward forward. It was for that reason that I set out to create The 46th Ward Master Plan. I sought out the advice and …

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Moving the 46th Ward Forward: Revitalization

Investment in our current infrastructure is necessary for long term success in the 46th Ward. When I ran in 2011, I made a commitment to you that I would focus on improving our largest transportation hub and some of the older residential buildings that were falling apart. Two of those projects are already underway: The …

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Moving the 46th Ward Forward: Safer Streets

When I ran for election in 2011, I promised you that I would make public safety a top focus during my tenure as Alderman. As soon as I was sworn into office, I began working to fulfill my promise by working to bring all members of the community — residents, neighborhood groups, social service agencies, businesses, …

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